kiiroo titan review

Kiiroo Titan Review & 7 Tips to Maximize Sex Toy Pleasure

Take a male masturbation stroker. Throw in some hi-tech vibrations. Add some VR interactivity and what do you get?

Titan by Kiiroo – A full-fledged masturbator that is anything but boring.

If you’ve used strokes back in the day, you will know they were pretty lackluster and left you deflated. Boy, am I glad I am alive in this day and age.

When you are ready to try Titan out in all its glory, you will soon realize, yesterday’s strokers are pathetic remnants of today’s modern-day male masturbators.

Enter the Kiiroo Titan!

What is Kiiroo Titan?

sex toy review

No Kiiroo Titan review would be complete without first defining what Kiiroo Titan is.

Kiiroo Titan is a technologically advanced male vibrating masturbation sleeve that uses touch-sensitive vibration technology and BlueTooth to connect to VR adult content and others across the world.

As you can probably already surmise, is that Titan sets itself apart from other designer sex toys by being innovative in design and what you can do with this sex toy.

Starting with the sex toy itself. It was created to stimulate a penis with 9 internal vibrating bullets.

Couple that with its real feel sleeve that wraps around your manhood and you are in for a soft and warm treat.

This is where most hand-held male masturbators stop. This vibrating male stroker picks up extra points as it also adds a ton of new features, that have never been seen in other toys.

My Kiiroo Titan Review – A Personal Experience

After thorough testing, Kiiroo Titan is the only male masturbotor you will ever need. It encompasses so many features which means you will never get bored.

I used the Titan stroker while viewing VR porn and I must say, being able to target your fantasies bu choocing the perfect video that suites your fancy is extrordinary in and of itself.

Add in a silky smooth sleeve that feels great against your skin as it vibrates using its powerful internal motors. A recipe for adult fun and solo-play.

Before I started on this masturbation journey using Titan, I decided to warm the sleeve up a bit under some hot water to give it a more realistic feel.

Once a proper temperture was attained I slid my now lubed penis into its opening. From there, I simply slipped on my VR headset and opened up my favorite VR porn website.

I recommend using if you own an Oculus Rift headset as they offer an SDK membership that syncs with your favorite pornstars. I can’t express how huge this is!

As the VR video fired up, so did Titan in all its glory. It was amazing. The way that Titan seems to replicate the movements of the pornstar on screen. A perfect way to fatasize about all the sexual endevors you may have wished to experience but never could.

Overall, my experience using this stroker was A+. From an easy to understand interface, to well, “getting off” was very easy to do.

If you pruchase this toy, be aware, you will cum fast. Very fast in-fact I was a bit sad as I seemed to want more. I just continued and was brought to another full-fledged climax about 5 minutes later. Something I rarely do with other sex toys.

Feature #1 – Interactive VR Content

vr headset while using titan

Just like other Kiiroo devices, Titan delivers this unique attribute to its loyal users. That is, after all, how they got so loyal. A precision male masturbator that offers more than just a little rub and tug.

The Titan VR experience is only best when seen and felt. This is one of the different modes that set Kiiroo apart from other sex toy manufacturers.

In interactive mode, you can lay back and feel as if you are the one having sex in a fully virtual setting of your choice. You become the pornstar.

As the nine vibrating bullets pulse away at your shaft and the tip of your manhood you will be delighted as it feels so real. Up and down the pornstar goes, and so does Kiiroo, in sync with the adult movie.

It also pairs nicely with many VR porn games as well. So if you like a bit of strategy when it comes to masturbation there are some fun VR fantasy games to be played.

Feature #2 – Connect to a Partner’s Device

sex toy review

Sometimes, using a male masturbator can feel a bit lonely. Kiiroo solves this problem with their sex toy lineup. Utilizing BlueTooth connectivity it is possible to simulate sexual activity in real-time.

Long gone are the days of distance being an issue in sexual relationships. With long-distance loving being completely possible in the 21st century via Kiiroo Titan.

Kiiroo sex toys can “feed” off of one another. If you thrust into Titan, the Bluetooth or app depending on how you use it will cause your partner’s sex toy to react, in real time, to yours.

How you work your own toy will influence what your partner is feeling. All at the moment and all in real-time. Not sure if you can call this a male masturbator anymore as it clearly moves past that boundary using hi-tech connectivity.

Feature #3 – Feel Connect App

feel connect app for connecting Kiiroo

Feel Connect is what connects interactive content to your headset and sex toys to make the magic happen.

It also can be used to control your sex toy which is perfect for couples’ play or even cam models who love tip-controlled vibrators.

It also allows you to connect to your partner’s devices. The best pairing in my opinion is between Kiiroo Titan and Kiiroo and Fuse as they seem to have the best reviews when it comes to couple pleasuring via long-distance, but any sex toy will work fine.

From interactive videos to long-distance couples, the app itself is what makes it all happen. Without it, it would just be another basic male stroker.

The FeelConnect app is similar to the Lovense app but not quite as interactive. Still, it does a bang-up job of what it is intended to do, and would highly recommend it.

Feature #4 – USB Rechargeable

titans features

Although it takes around 3 hours to fully charge, this sex toy uses a USB charger plugged into an outlet to get its juice. There are different modes that power 9 vibrating bullets for targetted power. That said once you drain the batteries, it is easy to recharge your toy.

Unfortunately, it currently does not allow you to charge while in the heat of passion. Perhaps the next version of Titan will allow for this, but until then, expect to recharge after about 40 minutes of use.

Feature #5 – 6 Vibration Modes

maximum pleasure with 6 vibration settings

From soft and slow to rumbling effective vibration, the 6 modes are pretty powerful for this type of masturbator.

The 9 vibrating bullets work in conjunction with the 6 settings. Able to hit every part of your head and shaft as you thrust inside the sleeve,

If you don’t have time to connect to VR and want a fluid custom experience, Kiiroo has a mode you will love. Each pattern has its own special vibration settings as well as contraction strength, giving you the time of your life.

How To Use Kiiroo and 7 Tips to Increase The Fun

Like any male masturbator or pocket pussy, slipping it on after a bit of lube is fairly intuitive.

Give yourself some time to get used to all that the Kiiroo Titan has to offer, otherwise, you might feel overwhelmed.

Titan includes touch-sensitive buttons where you can control the speed and ferocity of Titan.

This automatic male stroker is easy to use. Once lubed up properly, simply place your sex organ inside the sex toy.

From here, the world is your oyster. You can choose to go it alone or call in the power of VR you can access thousands of interactive videos to help with your self-love fantasy.

Pleasure Tip 1) – Use the Titan VR Experience To Your Full Advantage

When you purchase Kiiroo Titan from the manufacturer, they will give you 1500 free coins to unlock content from

Don’t be shy. This is where you can sync a VR headset (virtual reality headset sold separately) with adult content.

Kiiroo does give you 1500 credits to purchase until your heart’s content but once those coins are gone, you will have to consider buying more, but that’s where things start getting fun.

The credits are available as a digital voucher included in the product packaging itself.

There are limitless places on the internet to buy VR adult porn.

My recommendation is especially if you use an Oculus Quest as they have the most compatible VR videos that work in tandem with your handheld stroker.

As your favorite sexy pornstar lowers her hips down in VR, over a penis, Titan will react accordingly, giving you the sensation you are getting laid in real-time.

Ultimately tricking you into thinking you are the one working your magic with the hottest pornstars around. In reality, it is just one giant simulation for stimulation.

I’m not complaining – This is a serious game-changer in the sex toy industry. Strap a Titan on and you will quickly see what I mean.

Tip 2) – Warm Titan Up

Like all vaginas, they work better when they are warmed up.

Consider this your foreplay. Run some warm water over the real feel sleeve (it is removable) for about 5 minutes so it gets nice and warm.

Just like the real thing. Just make sure to not get that housing of the Titan wet, as this portion is not waterproof.

Once everything is at a feel-good temp, it’s time to lube up and experience Titan. Slip the sleeve back on, fire up your favorite VR, and have a nice evening.

Pleasure Tip 3) – Always Ride on a Full Charge

Remember, the battery is powering 6 independent vibrating motors. This takes a lot of energy.

If you fail to charge your Kiiroo Titan, chances are it will stop pre-climax, leaving you a bit pissed off. I’ve been there and know!

A full charge of the Titan by Kiiroo takes around 3 to 3 and a half hours. Once it’s charged in full, get ready for maximum sexy time.

A full charge will last around 40 minutes so I would recommend maximizing your time during this short window of opportunity.

40 minutes seems like a long time, but if you are fumbling through your adult video choices or reading the manual, you are wasting precious masturbation time which brings us to our next tip.

Tip 4) – Get to Know Kiiroo Titan Prior To Masturbating

Again, you will get to spend about 40 minutes with her before she needs to be charged again. Most fellas, on average last anywhere between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. Let’s be real.

When you are wearing Titan, you will want to maximize your time under her arms. Get to know how it operates prior, and if you are going full VR, have your video selected and ready.

This way, you will have more time bopping the bologna and less time worrying about the right video to watch or how to sync it with porn.

You will receive a downloadable PDF when you purchase Titan, that tells you everything you need to know.

Things like how to properly use the touch-sensitive buttons and the 6 different settings.

Read it first, then jerk off.

Pleasure Tip 5) – Clean Titan After Each Use

If you forget this step after the last time you blew your wad into Titan you may get turned off. A total buzz kill, I know.

Nothing is worse than when you are ready “to go” and you have to stop and clean your sex toy.

Rinse the sleeve with warm soapy water but avoid getting H2O on the housing itself as it is not waterproof. For the housing, an alcohol swab or sanitizer should be fine.

6) – Connect to Other Sex Toys

Who wants to masturbate alone? Kiiroo Titan works just like any other Kiiroo toy and has the ability to connect via Bluetooth or its native app to other sex toys. You can even connect sex toys from other manufacturers. So if your girlfriend has a Lush 3, Lovense Sex Machine, or Hush, you are in luck.

A perfect solution for lonely long-distance relationships. If you don’t have a partner to connect interactive sex toys with, don’t worry. Someone already thought of a solution.

There are already several forums where you can meet singles, connect your sex toys, and fuck each other silly anywhere in the world. Not too shabby.

Just be sure to protect your privacy before you connect to a partner’s device. Currently, there are many forums on Reddit that reach out to strangers to get off.

Will you be one of them?

Pleasure Tip 7) – Oculus Quest Owners Checkout

Most of the VR content available is through Android phones and VR headsets. Those that own the much more advanced Oculus headset may feel left out in the VR porn world. figured this one out and offers what is called a “scripts” subscription. Basically, it allows for an immersive experience using an Oculus Quest headset so that the porn action moves in rhythm with Kiiroo Titan.

You can make your own scripts, but after some research, you might need an IT degree and some patience.

adult vr videos compatable with kiiroo titan

With, the Oculus app works seamlessly out of the gate. Less time learning, more time jerking.

I have been a client of for some time and the video selection is by far the best when it comes to teledildonics and VR porn.

Explore Sex Like Real For VR Adult Videos>>

Interactive videos have helped this lonely fella through many sleepless nights and pairing it with Oculus Quest is the ultimate in masturbating.

Tip 8) – Use Lube, Especially for Larger Penis Sizes

Lube is the best. It can be warming, cooling, or just plain wet and slippery. Use the lube.

If you are a larger gentleman of no more than 7 inches lubrication is a must. The tight fit, if you are well endowed, may be cramped if you know what I mean. This is where the power of a good lubricating agent comes in.

If you are larger than 7 inches, I would recommend a different male masturbator altogether as Titan is somewhat picky in her penis sizes. Check out Kiiroo Launch or Lovense Calor for a better fit.

Even if you are smaller in stature, lube is the way. Makes for a realistic solo experience and heightens sensations.

Final Thoughts

Most male masturbators are pretty basic and getting bored with them is a real problem. Titan solves this issue by offering more in a mastubation sleeve. This device continues to warm the hearts of fans and I have a feeling will be around for a long time.

If you seek a pleasuring device, a sex toy of this stature will surely leave you wanting for more. I know I loved it and would do it again. Over and over.

Happy fapping!

Mike Siglioni
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