How to Make Money on BongaCams

BongaCamsBongaCams is one of the best webcam sites with a global audience, and thus it attracts models from all over the world. It attracts millions of viewers every day which could only mean one thing; there`s money to be made. With such exposure, you can earn a lot of money especially if you are business savvy and you know how to sell your services.

The key to making it big on sites like BongaCams is very simple: don’t wait for things to come your way. You need to go hard or you`ll end up empty-handed at the expense of the more aggressive models. Of course going hard does not mean that you sell yourself cheap; it means having a working strategy.

Do not join BongaCams or any camming site for that matter if you don’t have a plan. Otherwise, you`ll be planning for failure.

The best thing is to build your brand right from the word go. Things may not work out exactly how you planned at first, but eventually, your patience will pay off.

For instance, if you decide to brand yourself as a Non-Nude model right from the word go, you`ll get a lot of requests from viewers wanting you to strip a little and sometimes it will be tempting especially during the ‘dry days’. If you give in to temptation, it will affect your brand because viewers will learn that with a little bit of urging and a good price you are willing to give in.

However, if you stick to your guns and refuse to remove your clothes no matter the amount, people will come to respect your wishes and your non-nude brand will grow.

Branding is very important if you want to make it big at BongaCams. It`s all about how you package and deliver yourself to the viewers. If you are often removing your panties at the lowest token, no one will ever pay you handsomely for your work and all your shows will be cheap which means that you`ll have to do multiple shows per day in order to meet your daily target.

Ironically, there are models on the same site who will be doing one or two shows and making more than you simply because of their branding and packaging.

Branding is not just about looks or how you talk, it also about how you dress, your mannerisms and your entire demeanor. Remember that viewers will even judge you based on your premises.

Even if you live in a cheap neighborhood, make sure that your working area is elegant. Buy a nice bed, attractive beddings and make sure the room is properly painted. Decorate your room with flowers, a large mirror and simple interior decor that will impress viewers.

Additionally, invest in numerous outfits especially if you`re live on cam every day; people will develop a negative attitude towards you if they see you wearing the same outfit on consecutive days. Simple things such as buying a wireless mouse and keyboard will also go a long way in ensuring that your working environment looks neat.

Professionalism is very important; don’t assume that people will give it a blind eye just because it is a camming site.

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