can you make it as a non-nude webcam model?

How to Make It as a Non-Nude Webcam Model

A lot of people don’t know it yet, but you can actually make a lot of money as a non-nude webcam model. There is a general perception that being a webcam model is all about nudity and vulgarity which is quite wrong. It is true that most webcam models choose to go the nude way but it is important to note that even those who choose to go against the grain can still make it big in the industry. There are clients who want to try a different thing part from the norm, and this simply means that there is something for everyone in the industry.

Do not lock yourself out from a potential lucrative career just because nudity is not your thing.

make it as a nonnude model

The first thing you see when you log in to most webcam sites is a bunch of nude models and you may thus even start to wonder how you can compete with them without going the naked route. The first and most important thing you need to know is that it’s all about knowing your limits. This means that from the word go, you will indicate your limits when you are setting up your profile and clearly indicate what you are not comfortable with. It may sound a bit rude to some, but it’s the best way to keep off time wasters and curve a niche for yourself. Below are some ideas to help you in your quest:

  • Branding Your body is your business and you will thus have to brand yourself as a non-nude model. This means that your profile photos will not be too revealing to ensure that you don’t send the wrong message to people. Eventually your brand will grow if stay committed and have the ability to please your clients in a way that they cannot get whatever you’re giving them anywhere else.
  • Know Your Target Market This a great way to attract the right people, the kind of people who will not insist on seeing your naked body but want you to please them in other ways. For instance, some people will just want to pay for your time in order to let out their frustrations and you will thus have to be sensitive and sometimes even sympathetic to their plight. You also have to be a good a listener and if you’re not, then it is time you start training yourself.
  • Do Not Shy Away From Joining Camming Sites That Usually Promote Nudity These are most popular camming sites and they therefore have thousands of visitors every day. Even though most of the visitors are interested in paying just to see the models get naked, amongst them are a group that simply want something different and with time you’ll learn how to draw their attention. However, if you don’t have the patience or skill to do that you can simply join camming sites that do not really promote nudity, but you also need to know that they are very few and may not have too much traffic.

nonnude webcam model tips

  • Work on Your Personality Since you will not be exposing your body, you will have to be twice as good compared to the nude models in terms of personality. You have to create a friendly atmosphere to make it easy for people to talk to you. Do not be selfish with a smile or giving honest compliments even on occasions when you are depressed. A good personality will make it easier to draw people from a public chat room and they will be willing to spend big bucks to go on a private chat with you.
  • Do Not be Plastic People will often pay a lot of money just to hear your honest opinion on certain aspects of their lives. They will therefore appreciate every time they get an honest answer from you, and believe me when I say that about 75 percent of the time they will be able to tell when you are bluffing and it may not be pretty.

Additionally, people want to talk to a smart person who keeps tabs with current affairs and sometimes you will find yourself getting into political conservations. In an industry where cam girls are generally considered to be blind to the political arena, clients are often fascinated by a smart girl who has interesting political opinions and will be willing to prolong the private sessions which means more money for you.

There are two major ways of being a successful non-nude female webcam model:

Playing the role of an innocent girl

A lot of people will be fascinated by the thought of talking to an innocent girl who does not have a lot of experience when it comes to sexual matters. You may not be like that in real life, but remember the number one rule of making it big as a webcam model is learning to stay in character especially when you are playing the role of a different person. You may actually find yourself earning more than the normal webcam model because people will be intrigued by your girl-next-door attitude. They will appreciate your sense of self-worth and respect and will be willing to share deep secrets and personal frustrations with you. The conversations may be about their failing marriages or relationships, guilt after infidelity and so on.

Female dominance

Female dominance takes many forms, such as:

Humiliation Some men will want you to humiliate them in the worst way, simply because that is their turn-on. They want you to tell them how small their dick is or how ugly they are and they will take a lot of pleasure in that. Sometimes they just want to hear the truth from a stranger mostly because they feel that these are things that other people are afraid to tell them.

Playing the Role of a Mistress This is yet another form of female domination, and some of your clients will take great pleasure being your slave. You have to learn to issue commands and treat them in a way that is fitting to a slave. You will tell them very demeaning things and they will say yes.

Worship Make your subjects worship you, more like you’re a goddess and they are mere creatures. It may sound weird, but there are actually people who take great pleasure in this mostly people who are used to power and authority and they want the reverse for a change.

Female domination goes hand in hand with costumes and you will therefore have to invest in various outfits and gear to fit each character. Always indicate in your profile the different roles that you can play for your clients and make sure that you have the necessary skills. The most important skill while playing female domination is learning the power of language. You will have to learn the words that suit various roles and perfect how you use them. Another important tool in female domination is learning to stay in character during the entire session. It may take a bit of time to perfect but once you become an expert your schedule will always be full with customer bookings.

A lot of people are making it big as non-nude webcam models; don’t be left out because of fear or following general perception.

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