misconceptions of the webcam modelling industry

Misconceptions About the Webcam Modeling Industry

The decision to become a webcam model is not always easy, due to the negative attitude and perception surrounding such a career. As a matter of fact, most of your close friends will even discourage you from making a career out of it, saying it is indecent and degrading. A lot of people who have never even tried camming will try and load negative ideas on your head, most of which are either made-up or far from factual. This often discourages a lot of people from joining the camming industry and in the process they let go of a great income opportunity.

This article will focus on explaining some of the most common misconceptions surrounding the camming industry to ensure that anyone who wants to become a webcam model will be well informed before making any decision.

COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS OF WEBCAM MODELSYou have to be nude in order to make money style=”line-height: 1.5;”> This is a very common misconception and is responsible for discouraging a lot of people from joining the industry. In truth, there is a huge market for non-nude models because not every client is interested in your sexuality. Some clients just want someone to talk to and because you are a stranger, they will use you as an outlet for their innermost frustrations and if you make them feel better after the session they may even become your loyal clients. Being a non-nude model means that you can perform fully clothed and clients are still willing to pay you a lot of money. However, most of the time it involves playing different roles and taking various personas such as:

  • JOI This is an acronym for Jerk-Off Instructions and to be successful at it, you have to train your voice so that your tone comes out sexy as ever thus increasing the orgasmic pleasure of your clients. You also have to be careful with your choice of words, to that your clients don’t end up with an Anti-climax.
  • Domination This is yet another form of non-nude webcam modeling, and you will have to play various roles of domination such as Mistress, Master, and Goddess. Some people get turned on when they are humiliated, mostly people who are used to positions of power or are physically dominant in real life.

It is not possible to be a full-time webcam model This is another common misconception about the industry and has been highly fuelled by the fact that most models are either students or people who have a day job, and only turn to camming when they need to supplement their main income. The fact is there are a lot of models who work full time and make six-seven figures annually. The moment you decide that camming is your main job, you are able dedicate more time and you also come up with new ideas to increase your earnings. In the end, you will find that you have a lot of free time because you only broadcast yourself for a maximum of eight hours. The most successful webcam models are those who make camming their main career, not a side-job.

MALEMale models cannot make a decent living This is absolutely wrong because there are a lot of male models who use camming as their main source of income. As a matter of fact, male models are able to attract a diverse audience consisting of gay people, curious straight men and female fans. Gay men usually end up becoming very lucrative clients especially if they are fascinated by your looks and personality. Most of the female fans will also pay for cam-to-cam sessions if they want to masturbate or just get aroused.

You have to be gay to be a male webcam model This is a very common perception, which is quite wrong. According to a recent survey by the British Broadcasting Corporation, most of the male models in the camming industry are actually straight and they only started camming because they wanted to make a living and have fun. Male models who perform with their female partners are able to increase their income by a huge margin.

The belief that you have to perform from a studio Studio models were very common about a decade ago, but now things have changed and most people prefer to work as freelance models. Studio-based models are usually owned by an agency which takes a cut from the models’ earnings because it is paying for the premises and is also providing them with the equipment needed for broadcasting. Thus, most models prefer to work from home because it is very convenient. You can wake up in the middle of the night, log on to the website and start broadcasting straight from your bedroom. Furthermore, you retain a huge chunk of your paycheck because you are a work-from-home freelancer and no one is taking a cut from your earnings.

IS IT EASY BEING A CAM MODELIt is an easy career Most webcam sites usually woo models with the promise that you will start earning a thousand bucks per day immediately you join, which is very misleading. Most people
choose the camming career after seeing ads promising them how they will earn big bucks every week, and this falsely raises their expectations. By the time they realize that what they were promised and what they are earning is a complete mismatch, it’s already too late.

The fact is camming is a lucrative career, but not for everyone. Just like any other industry, there are those who succeed, those who fail and those who remain in the mid-tier earning bracket. Furthermore, camming also has its challenges especially for newbies who are yet to learn the trade and build a loyal fan base. Sometimes you will log in to the site and stay online for hours without a single client who is willing to pay for a private session. Additionally, you will have to put up with jokers and people who are rude on the public chat but once you build a loyal clientele, you will only be obliged to log in when you have scheduled shows.

You have to be a supermodel This is a common perception and is far from the truth. The best thing about the camming industry is the fact that there is something for everyone. People have different preferences. Thus, there is a market for skinny models, BBW’s, Exotics, MILF’s, PAWG’s and so on. Even people who are not good on looks are still able to make a decent living and hence, no one should shy away just because you don’t have perfect physical attributes. Your confidence and personality are what will often attract people’s attention. Even stretch marks are a turn-on for some people.

Broadcasting live is the only way to make money Honestly, most experienced models only stream live when they have a scheduled cam-to-cam performance. They usually have other ways to generate income, such as selling pre-recorded clips, selling nude photos on Snapchat or selling used lingerie and sex toys. Sometimes broadcasting live on cam becomes boring and tiring especially if you have done it for a long time and you have to be creative in order to continue making big bucks.

Everyone in your area will know what you do for a living Most websites have a geo-blocking tool which enables models to block people from certain areas from seeing their profile. You can even block an entire continent if you desire. This is a great way to maintain your privacy and ensure that your friends and relatives never find out what you do for a living.

The camming site provides you with all the traffic you need You cannot rely solely on the traffic provided by your site, and you will therefore have to play your part by promoting yourself on social media in order to attract more clients.

If you are able to rise above the misconceptions mentioned above, you will definitely make a decent living as a webcam model.

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