nude versus non-nude webcam modelliing

Nude VS Non-Nude Webcam Modeling

The non-nude camming category is rapidly growing and the industry is now divided into main factions; those who are willing to undress and those who want to stay fully dressed. A big part of the non-nude category are models who started out in the nude category but later on opted to switch to non-nude performers. Most of them are vets who joined the camming industry when it was still very young and competition was less. They were thus able to make a lot of money doing basic stuff on cam, without going to extremes as is common these days.

Back then, there were no models getting naked in the public chat room and people had to reward you handsomely if they wanted to see you naked on private chat. Things have definitely changed and models are willing to do all sorts of things on public chat rooms in return for very little financial returns.

This, therefore, makes it hard for other models to woo viewers to private chat. Thus, most vets who relied on private shows have been forced to accept the status quo, quit or switch to the non-nude category. There is also a growing list of new models that prefer the non-nude category right from the onset for fear of future repercussions.

Contrary to common belief, the non-nude category is actually very lucrative and there are models who end up making more compared to their counterparts. The truth is sexual content is now considered to be very cheap because the market is saturated and thus some viewers will place more value on someone who is unwilling to expose it all.

Non-nude models usually attract high-end clients who are into female domination, financial domination, and other fetishes. Moreover, some clients simply want the honest opinion of a stranger, someone who will listen without passing judgment. They want an outlet for some of their relationship frustrations or advice on certain aspects of life.

Others want to chat with a stranger in a bid to break certain social weaknesses such as social anxiety and are willing to reward you handsomely for each session. The non-nude category is thus very lucrative, it`s just that a lot of people don`t believe that you can make money without undressing.

Which is better: Nude or Non-Nude?

On average, models in the nude category make more compared to their counterparts which can be credited to the fact that the non-nude category is still untapped. The truth is neither is superior to the other, it all trickles to specific individuals.

There are people who have made it big in both markets and there are also those who never made a mark. There are many models that perform fully dressed and they make more than most nude performers because they know how to sell their brand and attract the best clients.

The strategy is the most important thing whether you want to make it big as a nude or non-nude model. Secondly, little things that are usually ignored such as personality, work ethic and how you relate with clients highly contribute to a model`s success or failure.

Creativity is the key if you want to make it big as a non-nude webcam performer and you thus have to think out of the box. For instance, you can do cooking shows dressed in sexy outfits and attract a lot of clients.

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