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How Bodybuilders Can Get Paid Being Webcam Models

Bodybuilding is not only expensive, it also requires a lot of hard work and commitment at the gym before you can finally get that well-toned body that most people desire. You’ll need a gym membership plan, diet plan, and special supplements all of which are an extra expense to your income.

This is why camming as a bodybuilder makes a lot of sense because you get paid while doing what you love to keep fit. The money you get not only covers your workout expenses; it also ensures that you are able to live comfortably. Time and effort are important in this niche, but working for the best paying cam sites can help dramatically.

A lot of bodybuilders get live on cam while working out, and you’d be surprised that there are actually a lot of people who are willing to pay just to watch them. Those who have the necessary gym equipment will often work out at home and others do it at a private gym where there are no distractions. Some clients will even request you to work out from certain angles or perform particular workout techniques just for their pleasure. Additionally, private sessions with clients are always more rewarding compared to performing a live show in a public chat room.

You don’t necessarily need to workout while on cam, though. Some clients, both men and women, just want to see rock hard abs and veiny biceps. Might as well get paid for all the hard work you put in at the gym.

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First, you will need to register with a webcam model site. This may not be an easy thing for a newbie because there are a lot of camming sites out there and you may find it difficult choosing which one to join. Here’s our top 5 list of camming sites.

The best thing would be to register with camming sites that have a huge audience such as Bongacams, Chaturbate, and Streamate. Such sites may be full of broke people who only want to view stuff for free on the public chat, but they are also a great place to find lucrative clients who are willing to go for a private chat and pay on a per minute basis.

Additionally, the huge audience available on such sites ensures you have people who are willing to follow you on social media ensuring that in future you won’t have to rely on camming sites to source out for clients.

Apart from the popular free-to-watch sites, there are also other bodybuilder’s webcam sites which attract only high paying clients and may not be as popular as the other sites because most of their clientele pay a high price for discretion.

Such camming sites usually have a thorough screening process before you are allowed to join because they only employ the best. Their biggest advantage is based on the fact that they are not as competitive as some of the other popular sites.

You will also need to invest in state of the art broadcasting equipment such as an HD webcam or preferably a video camera which can pick sharp images even from a distance. A good microphone will also come in handy because some of your clients will be interested in listening to the sounds you make while working out. The most important thing is to ensure that your clients enjoy the best video and sound quality.

Apparel You will need to invest in a variety of gym apparel and because you want to turn on your audience, make sure that your outfits are tight fitting and sexy. However, on most occasions your clients will prefer to see you with nothing but your briefs or boxer. Try to find underwear that is a mix of compression shorts and regular cotton boxer, like these from Champion.

Arm yourself with proper gym equipment if you are broadcasting from home, you will need to invest in basic weightlifting equipment, so that your clients can watch while you work out. However, if you cannot afford such equipment it may be wise to make arrangements with a friend or a public gym.

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  • Most of your audience will be gay Gay men are often attracted to big muscle men that appear more masculine than them. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that they make the group that’s often willing to pay more to watch you perform. They will often make weird requests for their own pleasure, but remember that this comes at a price which is an added advantage to you. It may be a bit weird for a straight guy if you feel that there are a bunch of gay people salivating on your body behind the computer, but it should not be much of a problem since there is no contact. The biggest advantage is that they will often buy you stuff on your Amazon wishlists, such as expensive workout equipment and training gear, just to see you rocking it during your next session.
  • Curious straight men will also make a portion of your audience These are usually men who want to learn a thing or two in order to please their lovers or men who are simply looking for the extra motivation to hit the gym. However, this bunch may not be considered lucrative since deep down they are embarrassed about what they are doing and will not even want to on a private cam-to-cam session.
  • Women Women will make up, at least, half your audience and they may also be considered as big spenders since they will often want to go on a private session with you, and tip you extra for every crazy request they make. There are often single women who want to masturbate or married women who want to fulfill certain fantasies and rekindle lost passion. The married lot is usually a bit older but they are also very resourceful and you can be assured that if you do a good job they become loyal customers.
  • You do not have to be gay to do it A recent survey by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) revealed that most of the male webcam models are actually straight men who want to earn a living. A huge part of your audience may be gay, but this should not keep you away from this lucrative business because there is no physical contact. Furthermore, you set your own limits and you don’t have to do anything that you are not comfortable with.

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  • Get Nude Most of your clients will not be satisfied with just seeing you in your workout attire. As the show goes on some get carried away and request to see more, but of course, you will have to charge extra for that.
  • Spice Up Your Sessions Some people will not be interested in seeing you do various workout routines; instead, they will want to see you dancing naked and tempting them with your fine-ass body.
  • Make More by Selling Your Videos To ensure that you don’t become a slave to performing live shows every day which require you to be online, the best thing is to record some of your shows and sell the clips to some of your clients on the camming site or on sites which link buyers and sellers of such content. This is a great way to ensure that you keeping earning even when you finally quit performing live shows.
  • Do it as a Group or With Your Partner If you have a partner who has a thing for bodybuilding and has a fine body, you can broadcast as a couple in order to increase your earnings. You will have more viewers and your recorded clips will be of higher value. Couples usually earn up to five times than a solo performer. It does not matter whether you are a gay or straight couple; all you need to know is that you will be more marketable compared to a solo performer.

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