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Who are the Best Clients in the Webcam Industry?

A lot of people make it big in the camming career, not because they are better than everyone else but because they made the right moves like working for the best paying adult cam websites. Making it big is not always about working harder than everyone else, it`s mostly about working smart.

For some, it takes months before they begin earning decent money but then there are others who start earning big bucks right from the onset because they made the right moves. Part of making it big easier and quicker involves knowing how to choose your clients.

It may sound a bit blunt, but you often get what you ask for in this business. Thus, if your strategy is to open an account and immediately start broadcasting without prior training or doing a market research you will find it very hard. Once you learn how the market works, it may be a bit easier to find lucrative clients.

A big part of finding lucrative clients depends on how you market yourself. There are models that make a lot of money performing in the non-nude category. They are able to make it big without ever removing their clothes but by using unique skills, such as humor, domination, and other fetishes. You’d be surprised to learn that something as simple as being a good listener may turn out to be very instrumental in your career.

If you grow your brand, you`ll find it very easy to draw the big spenders and they will love you for who you are. Some will even be attracted to you because you are smart and direct in the way you talk, others will like your polite nature while others will like your rudeness. For instance, some of the popular Instagram models may not be the most polite, but they always have clients willing to pay for their time simply because their brand is big and popular.

Who are the best clients?

The truth is there is no definitive answer for this because any client can become lucrative simply based on how you are able to make money from them.

Some models are able to make money in the public chat room by performing Gold Shows and using their charm to woo the viewers to dig deeper into their pockets. On the other hand, there are models that only perform 1 or 2 private shows a week and make good money out of it based on the relationships they have established with the clients.

Old rich men can be a goldmine for models and if you get even three of them you`ll be smiling all the way to the bank. The secret lies in being able to continually impress them so that they can become loyal to you or else they will get bored and move on to someone else. You have to give them something that they will not get anywhere else. They will pay a lot of money just to see you doing normal house chores such as cooking, doing dishes and so on.

Other lucrative clients include:

  • Old couples
  • Closet gay men
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