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Who are the most popular cam models?

Popular webcam models are always able to make a lot of money any time they are live on cam and a single private show is usually the equivalent of a regular model’s whole day earnings. People usually tend to have an affinity towards popularity and thus if you happen to be a popular model, things will be much easier for you compared to other models.

You will work less hours and earn more money on the best webcam sites because you are a big brand and clients are willing to dig deeper into their pockets for your time. Most popular models tend to be very choosy in terms of clientele and how often they are willing to broadcast, simply because they can afford to do so.

Perhaps the million dollar question for everyone who is reading this piece is how do you get to be a popular model in the camming industry?

Let’s look at how you can become a popular model in the camming industry:

  1. If you started as a pornstar If you are an active adult video performer or you started off as a pornstar before switching to webcam modeling, most of the viewers who loved your scenes will most likely want a private cam-to-cam session with you. They will also follow you on social media, which is why it is very important to have an easily recognizable porn stage name. For instance, the name Pinky is synonymous with the popular pornstar who for years has been on thousands of porn scenes and the best thing is that she has been able to grow her brand. You will also notice that she still uses the same name on all her social media accounts. This means that all her fans from way back will be able to connect with her on social media and if she wants to broadcast live on cam; all she has to do is share a link to the site on her bio. Active and Ex-pornstars who are in the camming industry are among the highest earners, especially those who are able to monetize their popularity and also broadcast on a regular basis.
  2. If you are a popular Instagram model with thousands of followers, all you have to do is share a link to the site you use to broadcast and if you have a good strategy, you’ll be smiling all the way to the bank. Notify your followers the exact time you will be live on cam in order to make the best out of all your sessions. If you look at some of the popular models’ IG and Twitter accounts, you will notice that they have shared a link to Chaturbate or BongaCams, which are popular platforms they use for broadcasting.
  3. Veteran webcam models these are models who have been in the game for a long time and have a wow factor which has enabled them to build a huge fan base over the years. Veteran models are usually the highest earners on most webcam sites because they have been able to establish good relationships with the big spenders and also know the game inside-out. They have studied the industry for a long time and they know the do’s and don’ts. The funny thing about being popular is that it never stops unless you mess up in a bad way. This means that your numbers will continue growing until the day you call it quits.

If you’re a newbie, work towards establishing a strong brand and as time goes on your numbers will grow. The relationships you establish with clients will give you longevity in this game and ensure that you continue earning even when you are not very active.

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