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Importance of Proper Lighting During Webcam Shows

The life of a webcam model primarily revolves around performing live shows for viewers on either the public channel, private channel or both. In order to attract the viewer’s attention and get them hooked to your chat room, you not only need good looks, unique physical features, and a bubbly personality; you also need to ensure that your broadcast is of high quality.

This means that you`ll need to invest in a high-quality video camera and a powerful mic for the audio because the viewers need to hear every sound that you will be making during the live sessions.

However, most models invest in very expensive & high-quality broadcast equipment, sexy outfits and everything else but forgets one crucial component; proper lighting. It is important to note that no broadcast can be complete without proper lighting and if miss you out on this part your clients will not get their money`s worth.

How to ensure you get the best lighting

1 Find out the type of lighting that works for your space

The most important thing is to ensure that the lighting you install complements your space. If you are in a small room, you only need a small key light to prevent it from causing too much reflection which can be an eyesore to the viewer.

On the other hand, if you are in a large room you will need at least two key lights on each corner of the room and probably one at the center so that the viewers can be able to see everything clearly. A well-lit room enhances mobility because you can comfortably move anywhere inside the room without having to change the camera position and you`ll still be visible.

You will also need to consider the painting on the walls while installing broadcast lights in the room. If your walls have dull colors, you will need brighter lights and if they are painted with very bright colors then you`ll need to tone down the key light and backlight.

2 Direction of the light

The key light (main light) should be placed behind the video camera or computer webcam to ensure at an angle of 45°. It is also important to have a fill light (secondary light) also placed behind the camera at an angle of 45°. Its purpose is to remove any shadows created by the key light, thus streamlining the image.

Having a backlight is also very important and although it is not mandatory that you have one, it enhances the background. However, the backlight should never be too bright because it will overshadow the background lights which most models use in order to create a romantic mood. Most background lights are usually pink or purple because they are colors associated with sex and romance.

Buying high standard video cameras always comes in handy in case you are caught up in a situation where you are traveling and you have a scheduled performance for a client which you don’t want to cancel.

This is because most video cameras are able to automatically adjust to the lighting in the room and thus the picture quality will still be decent enough even without any extra lighting.

If you are a newbie and you`re on a tight budget, you can always start out with stamp lights, because they are affordable, easy to find and they work just fine. However, once you start earning make sure you acquire the best lighting available in the market because proper lighting not only gives the viewer a great experience, it also enhances your looks.

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