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Fixing The Lovense Not Charging Issue & 7 Care Tips

Is your Lovense toy or Lush 3 no longer charging or taking too long to charge? When rechargeable sex toys stop charging, it can feel like the ultimate betrayal. You are in the mood, about to slip the Lush 2 inside to enjoy some self-love, and suddenly you realize your Lush 2 stopped charging. With the press of a button, feelings of darkness sink in, as the Lovense toy fails to power on.lush vibrator reviews

Lovense Toy Charging Issues

lovense wont charge

Many may blame Mercury in Retrograde, but before we go down that rabbit hole, there may be an easier fix than kissing your Lush 2 goodbye because it won’t charge.

And if none of these solutions work, it may be time to upgrade to the even better Lush 3, which is more powerful than Lush 1 or 2.


Before we get to that, let’s try and identify the problem with charging your Lovense personal massager before we turn to the Lush 3 return department and send it back.

Most of the issues on the list are easy to spot and easy to remedy as long as you properly identify the issue. There are typically 6 reason’s as to why your Lush 2 stopped charing. Let’s start by examining the common causes.

Sex toys can stop charging for a number of reasons…

Charging Issue #1 – Clogged USB Port

Just like a cell phone USB port, select Lovense products like the Lush 2 and Lush 3 models, also utilize this method of charging and are also plagued by lint and debris settling inside the tiny charging port entrance.

The Nora, Max, Max 2, and Ambi are the only Lovense toys that don’t charge via USB ports as these use a magnetic charger instead. No holes for lint to settle in such as the Lush 2.

If your Lovense product like the Domi wand toy uses magnetic charging move to “charging issue #2”.

If you have purchased sex toys with a USB charging port, do not fear. A bit of patience and a can of Dust or compressed air should do the trick. With debris and lint settling into the tiny cracks the charger tip has a difficult time making a solid charge connection.

Avoid blowing directly into the charging port, as moisture and saliva can enter, causing permanent damage. Use the can as directed, by blowing air into the hole as much as needed. This should dislodge the debris enough to allow for a proper charge for your Lush 2.

Charging Issue #2 – Charging Mechanism Misaligned

Some rechargeable sex toys use magnetic charging to power up their lithium-ion battery. If this is the case, like with Nora, Max, Max 2, or Ambi, the charging magnet may not be aligned properly. Luckily, telling if it is due to the magnet not syncing where it should, is easy.

  • Wiggle the magnet on the dock until the light comes on. This will indicate that it is in progress for a full charge.
  • If the light flickers, the connection for the charger port is not strong and will most likely not charge at all.
  • When you set the Lush or other rechargeable toys down, be sure to ensure the light stays on. Often, the sudden settling of the toy as you place it on the ground will shift the charger port and will stop charging.
  • Examine the charger cord for any damage or kinks as this can sometimes register as misalignment.
  • If the charging cord is damaged, replacements are available from Lovense

lovense charging issues

Charing Issue #3 – Not Enough Power

magnetic lovense chargerBecause each and every Lovense toy is USB compatible including the Lovense Sex Machine, it allows for many options when charging. You can plug it into any power source like a laptop or desktop computer with a compatible charging cord. But this is not always the brightest idea. Just because you can, does not mean you should.

In other words, the Lush 2 for example requires a certain amount of voltage for the power bank to charge optimally. Even a random wall charger may not be a great choice for charging a sex toy. Stick with the approved charging cable and power recommendations to allow for proper charging.

Inadequate power is real when it comes to vibrating toys. Not enough power and your toy will never satisfy you unless you use it as a paperweight. Using the proper charging ports and wall charger will also help with your battery life and keep your Lovense toys vibing strong.



Some other energy issues that cause poor battery performance:

  • Overcharging.
  • Charge Current.
  • The State of Charge.
  • Internal Resistance.
  • Battery Temperature.
  • Battery Age.

Charging Issue #4 – Proper Storage


Caring For Lovense Toys

Battery life is important. If you store your Lovense toy incorrectly you could risk damaging your toy’s battery life and even the battery itself. Just like all electronics, they should be stored in dry places within a recommended temperature range of between 32-degree Fahrenheit and 113 degrees Fahrenheit because of the lithium-ion battery.

Or if the battery was stored and charged for a long period of time with a full connection, naturally the energy that was there will dissipate and it may not seem like it was charged. Just rather, naturally, the energy was released.

If you also store your Lovense toys and charger cord in a cloth container or dusty area, lint or debris may be sneaking its way into the charger port allowing the charger cord, not to seat properly.

Charging Issue #5 – Battery Care Not Followed

lush 3 battery not charging

When you don’t respect the power the Lovense Lush 2 gives you, it won’t respect or accept a decent charge. This means that if you neglect the battery in any of the before-mentioned items, the battery could fail.

Overcharging, leaving it plugged in, keeping it on the hot dashboard of your car, or lighting the battery on fire, could all lead to failure. No magnetic field could further charge your battery.

Are you seeing more than one issue in regards to your battery not charging? Either one of two things is happening.

  1. You treat the toy poorly and store it improperly, or…
  2. You are a freak in the sheets and overused the toy way too much (not a bad thing)

Charging Issue #6 – Mechanical Failure

Mechanical failure does happen. Blame the gremlins or blame your sexual habits, but things wear out or break down.

If your Lush 2 or other Lovense toy stops working, chances are the battery is charged but unfortunately, no vibes, orgasms, or pleasure will happen. Not with this toy anyway, that is why I always have a backup.

Lovense Warranty

There is some good news if your Lush 2 or Lovense toy stops working and can’t be fully charged. They have a pretty good Lush 2 warranty as well as their return policy. According to Lush 2 reviews, many have had an issue when their Lush 2 stopped working. They typically were able to receive a replacement, even prior to returning the broken Lovense Lush 2 vibrating sex toy.

Battery and Lovense Care Tips

Always double-check your Lush 2 warranty but so far, I have heard Lovense is top-notch when it comes to this type of customer service.

Care Tip 1: – Store Lush 3 or Lovense Toys Appropriately

From a magic wand toy to most vibrating women’s toys, the way you store your devices is important. I know after using the Lush 2 for sexy-time, there is no way I am remotely thinking about where to store my Lush, however, this is important. Store at room temperature and in a lint-free environment for safekeeping. If you can also store it with at least a 50% charge.

Care Tip 2: – Clean and Dry After Every Use

Again, who cares about cleaning after doing the “deed”? Eventually, though, make sure to clean the sex toy using either warm water and soap or a water-based sex toy cleaner for the best results. The fun has to end sometime.

Care Tip 3: – Use The Proper Charging Cables

Always use the manufacturer charging cable and charge port the sex toy comes with. You can also purchase a new charging cable from Lovens, should you lose or damage your current power source.

Care Tip 4 – Use After a Full Charge

Fully charge your device before using it for masturbation. Batteries can deteriorate faster when using them on a lesser charged battery. Unplug the charger once the batteries are charged as shown in the indicator light.

Care Tip 5: – Maintain USB Port

Every so often it is wise to use compressed air to clean out and clear the tiny charging port hole. Recommended every month or two but will depend on how often you use the Lush 2 or Lovense toy.

Care Tip 6: Inspect Power Cords

If your cord is pinched or wire exposed it is time to replace it as it is on the verge to stop working if not already. A faulty cord will do a poor job at charging anything from Lush’s to iPhones to a wand massager.

Care Tip 7: Don’t Forget Your Toy

The final tip is the biggest and I am guilty of always forgetting this one. Do not forget about your toy. This toy has a powerful, insertable vibrating egg that is best in class for what it does. That means, that when you are finished using it, you will be tired, euphoric, sweaty, and all smiles. Chances are, you will forget all about it. If you leave it out, someone might take it away.

lush 3 not working

Keep Your Lovense Toys Vibrating

All kidding aside, cleanup is something you should always remember in order to keep your Lush 2 running smoothly. Hopefully, you are now able to charge your Lush and get back into action. Time to fire up the charging mechanism and the Lovense remote app and get busy,

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