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Why Camming is Better Than Working as a Stripper

If you haven’t noticed, club stripping is quite a big deal these days and people are living lavish lifestyles off the career. Women are able to travel first class to various entertainment destinations just to dance for a night and make ridiculous amounts of money. First class trips to Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Miami, Las Vegas and the like are a common thing among the A-list strippers and they get to travel and explore the world because they can afford it.

Interestingly, however, much lucrative the career may look from the outside, there is a growing wave of strippers both male and female who are quitting the industry and instead choosing to go for the online version of it, which is webcam modeling or camming as it is commonly known these days. Behind the glamorous lifestyle of stripping are men and women who are fed up with all the physical contact, dancing nude in cold nights and having to live a lifestyle of alcohol and drug abuse. This is why they would rather give it all up and go for online camming where there is no physical contact and you get to work in the comfort of your own crib.

Most people also hate the negativity that is associated with club dancing, owing to the fact that you can’t hide it from your peers and sooner or later you will accidentally bump into one of your friends or close acquaintances and there will be lots of weird and embarrassing moments. Unlike clubbing stripping, you can live a secret life working as a webcam model and none of your peers will ever know what you actually do for a living.

Why is online camming better than club stripping?

  • Get paid per minute Unlike club stripping where you’re paid an agreed amount at the end of the night plus additional tips from clients, camming gives you the opportunity to earn per minute. The per minute rate varies from site to site, but for those sites where there is no fixed rate models have the power to set their own rate. For instance, if you are an elite model, you can set a rate of $5 per minute. Thus for an hour’s show, you’ll bank $300 which is way too easy considering that you are working from the comfort of your living room.
  • No physical contact You will be working at home or from a secure studio where there are no strangers touching your body. Some people think it’s degrading when you have strange people and weirdoes all over your body. Thus with camming, you get to retain your dignity. Your clients will only get to enjoy a bit of ‘optical nutrition’ without any contact.
  • Receive gifts from fans There are a lot of webcam performers who never budget for expensive gadgets like smartphones, tablets, expensive dresses and the like simply because they get them for free from fans. All you have to do is make a wishlist on the site or an Amazon wishlist and your loving fans will buy things for you.
  • Enjoy a drug-free lifestyle Club dancing and stripping usually involves getting high on a regular basis because you’re performing in an environment where it is literary impossible to cope while sober. However, when you’re working at home you’re near healthy foods and you don’t have to use drugs or alcohol unless you choose to.
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