Webcam Models Who Are Parents

A lot of people hold the believe that webcam modeling is only meant for singles who are probably in school and are looking for extra pocket money and tuition fees to further their education. Even though singles are the majority in the industry, there are a lot of parents whose main source of income is webcam modeling. They raise and educate their children through webcam modeling and the truth is that it`s not just single parents; there are couples who perform together in order to pay their bills.

Some of the top earning webcam girls on the best webcam sites are Mothers.

Raising kids while working as a webcam model is not an easy thing. It’s easier when they are young because they won`t ask any questions but as they grow up they will start getting curious about some things.

If you`re like most parents you are definitely not going to tell your kids that you entertain online viewers by performing vulgarisms and sexually explicit acts. It, therefore, means that you have to be clever and find a way to do the job that actually pays your bills while at the same time keeping your kids out of it.

If you work at a company-owned studio, it may be easier to keep your work a secret because you be leaving home and going to work like every other parent. However, if you work independently, chances are you probably broadcast from your bedroom and it may be difficult to convince your grown kids about the source of your income without raising any alarms.

For independent models, the best solution would be to rent an apartment/office somewhere and turn it into a studio. Thus, your kids will not ask a lot of questions because you`ll be leaving for work every day and when you get back home it`s family time; no locking up yourself in your bedroom anymore.

However, some people may not be able to afford the cost of renting an office, especially those who are still struggling to make ends meet. Furthermore, working from home is always easier because you can wake up anytime, even in the middle of the night and start broadcasting. Below are some tips which may be useful to parents who are still adamant on broadcasting from home:

  • Always ensure that your bedroom is locked whenever you are broadcasting

Trust me, you don’t want that awkward moment when your kids come running into your room and catch you pants down stripping in front of a camera. That image may never escape their minds and may even affect them psychologically in future.

  • Only broadcast when your kids are at school or are sleeping

To avoid any mishaps, the best thing is to have a strict policy whereby you`ll only broadcast when your kids are away. If you insist on broadcasting at night when they are asleep, make sure that your rooms are a bit far from each other so that they don’t eavesdrop. Furthermore, you will definitely need to keep things very quiet so as not to wake the kids up which means no loud music or loud noises.

It is also very important to save your money and open a side business which will act as a decoy in case your kids are big enough to enquire about the source of your income.

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8 days ago

I know a lot of mothers who end up working for a cam studio or doing online modeling from home to pay for their kids’schools. There’s no shame in that!

15 hours ago

Very nice article. It’s interesting because hardly anyone talks about the personal life of webcam models. These are people like anyone who do this work because they have children or simply want a better life for themselves and their families.

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