when is the best time to do public webcam shows

The Best Time For Public Webcam Shows

Camming just like any other career requires strategy in order to reap full benefits. You have to strategize a lot of things to ensure growth in status and income which is why aspiring models are always advised to go through a training period before they join the industry. One of the areas that models have to strategize is with regards to the time they are online.

Webcam Modeling During Peek Times

As a model, you want to make as much as possible every time you appear live on cam but most of the time it doesn’t go according to plan probably because of the following factors:

Competition Stiff competition in the industry has contributed to a decline in earnings for models because at any one time you will find thousands of models online and customers are thus spoiled for choices. This, therefore, means that only the most popular and attractive performers will draw the most traffic to their chat room.

Low Tippers Sometimes the site will be full of joyriders who want freebies and you may spend a lot of hours online without making decent money.

Spoiled Customers Because clients know that if you are not willing to do what they want they can get it somewhere else, they’ve become spoilt. They want models to do freaky things but are unwilling to offer the right compensation.

What is the best time to be live on cam?

As a webcam model, you need to create shifts for the best times to be online, instead of wasting long hours idle without any clients. Do your research and find out the various times of the day that the site is flooded with visitors. These are the peak hours when you can make a lot of money and the best thing is that you will only be live on cam for very few hours. Once you identify the peak hours, you can spend the rest of the day doing other things which are very vital for students and models that have other businesses.

Webcam Modeling Time Zones

It is important to learn the peak hours for clients from various regions and continents because a peak period for American clients may not be the same for Japanese clients. These two countries have a 12+ hour difference meaning that when it is the evening in one country it is probably morning in the other country. Thus, identify the peak hours for regions and continents whose clients are known to be big spenders.

Most clients usually log into camming sites when it is late at night in their time zone, because they want to relax after a hard day at work. Thus, if you’re a model from Europe you need to make sure that you are online when it is a late night in America or Asia if your best tippers are based in these two continents.

Mornings also attract great tippers, because people want to start the day with a little bit of fun before they go to work.

Cam Girl Tips

Certain times of the day especially when most people are at work, webcam sites are usually flooded with visitors but most of them are jokers who will not tip even a single token. Thus, you will have tons of visitors in your chat room but very little to show for it in terms of tips. As a matter of fact, late nights do not usually have high traffic but the few people who are online are generous tippers.

Ironically, being online during strange hours especially in your time zone may give you a competitive advantage. For instance, if you are from the UK and you’re online during the wee hours of the morning when most performers from your country are offline and the only models who are online are from Non-English speaking countries, you will definitely have a competitive advantage. This is because you will be among the very few models who can communicate in proper English during that particular time.

Stick To A Camming Schedule

Popular models who have a following, the best time to be on cam is when you have scheduled shows. You don’t have to waste time this way. Your audience will come to you knowing your schedule.

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