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Doing Public Webcam Shows

Webcam modeling just like any other industry has its ups and downs. Most adverts will tell you how you will start easily earning 1000 bucks per day working just a few hours and even though it may true, it does not apply to everyone.

They only do it in order to encourage more performers to sign up, so that they can make more money.

Some models easily earn up to 2000 bucks per day performing just an hour’s session while for others, earning the same amount is an uphill task and they will have to perform numerous shows to equal the same amount. This is just how it works; some get it easy and others have to toil endlessly.

Most of the elite models tend to avoid performing public shows because of the risk of exposure and they are also not so much rewarding compared to private shows. Public chats are where you will find jokers and losers who take great pleasure in hurling insults at models and most of the people are just joyriders who want free shows.

Don’t get me wrong; there are good people on the public chat who will shower you with compliments and spend good money on your shows, but that’s like two in a group of ten. Generally, it is difficult to make crazy cash doing only public shows and you would have to perform one too many in order to make a decent living, which in the end will be tiresome.

However, not all is gloom and doom about performing public shows, which is what we will discuss in the next segment.

Benefits of Doing Public Webcam Shows

  • Great platform for newbies Performing on the public chat is the best way for new models to connect with the viewers and build a fan base.  Also a great way to sell nudes for money inside the chat room itself. If you’re a new model, you are starting from scratch which means that no one in the camming sphere knows you, and of course, you wouldn’t be comfortable with letting you close friends and relatives know about your new career. Unless you are a popular pornstar or Instagram model who already has a huge following, you will have no alternative but to perform in the public chat room and spend more time there until more people get to know you. After some time, you will start receiving regular requests for private shows and once you have 10+ private shows scheduled per week you may no longer need to spend hours on the public chat. The public chat room may be a bit tedious to some, but it is a necessary evil. As a matter of fact, some models actually start enjoying the public chat room once they start building friendships with some of the regulars and it ceases to being boring because some of the chats are enjoyable, and it will be more like having friends to keep you company while you are working.
  • It is a great avenue to earn extra bucks If you rely more on private shows, you need to have a backup plan because sometimes you may experience a dry spell when it comes to the number of scheduled private shows, and using the public chat room to supplement your income becomes inevitable. Some models underestimate the public chat room, not knowing that it can actually give you handsome rewards if you have a good strategy.
  • It is a great platform to increase your fan base If you’re really struggling with followers, performing on the public chat may just be the break you needed. If the viewer’s really like you, they will follow you even outside the site to your other social media platforms which translates to $$ if you are business savvy.
  • You have fun chatting with the members There is nothing as bad as being alone on a camming site with no one to chat with. Even though some of the members may be too much in terms of weird requests, you will have a great time chatting with members and time will just fly by especially those days when you do not have any booked private shows. It is definitely a great place to pass the time when you are not busy and the best thing is that you can even be fully dressed on the comfort of your bed.
  • It is a great channel to promote your merchandise If you are a business savvy individual, the public chat gives you exposure to millions of people all over the world and you can take advantage of this to market your merchandise. For instance, if you have T-shirts, used sex toys and outfits, homemade DVDs and such stuff. Selling such merchandise ensures that you are no longer a slave to performing on cam, and you can enjoy a regular stream of income even when you are not online.

How to make money while Doing Public Webcam Shows

  • Do not expose everything on the public chat Most veteran webcam models can testify the fact that they used to make more money back in the day because it is was not as competitive as it is these days. Competition has led to desperation and there is a new wave of models that are willing to expose almost everything on the public chat. This, therefore, makes it very hard for models that would rather not expose everything, because why would a customer pay for a nude private show if he can still enjoy the same for free or for a much cheaper rate? This is the dilemma that most veteran models face and most of them have been forced to either join the bandwagon or switch to the non-nude category.

The truth is exposing everything on the public chat diminishes the value of your brand. People will only come to you because you are cheap. Thus, you may enjoy lots of customers in the public chat room but because they are paying so little, you will rarely reach your target.

The best thing is to only give teasers on the public chat room so that the viewers who are overcome with the thirst of seeing the rest can pay for a private show where you will be paid per minute.

  • Performing only ‘light’ public shows The public chat room is meant to woo clients to a private show. Thus, models should focus on activities that will draw viewers’ attention, so that they can pay for a private performance. You should focus on doing ‘light’ shows such as twerking, cleavage and butt teasers on the public chat in order to woo clients for a full private show.
  • Make sure that whenever you have a live public show you have a huge audience who can tip crazy tokens. Models are usually able to track the number of members and guests who are watching their show. Thus, performing a public show when you have a large viewership ensures you earn more. For instance, if you have 100 guests in your chat room and each of them contributes 10 tokens during your show, that’s a total of 1000 tokens which is not bad at all.
  • If you rely on public shows, the best thing would be to shorten the duration of each show, so that you can manage to do more shows in a day. For instance, you can do ten 5-minute shows in a day which is actually less than one hour and still make more money than a model who is just staying in front of a cam all day waiting for someone to request a private show. It’s all about having a winning strategy.
  • Gold shows are a great way of doing public webcam shows because the model sets a timer and a target amount. If the target amount is reached within the set time, the model begins the show and everyone who tipped tokens will be able to watch. However, if the model’s target is not met the model may decide to work with what was tipped or cancel the show. If a show is cancelled, all the members who had tipped tokens will be refunded.

The best thing about Gold Shows is that the model sets a minimum price for anyone who wants to join and watch the show. A good example of a gold show is; “15 minutes till I start twerking.” This means that members will have 15 minutes to tip the minimum price required by the model for anyone who wants to watch.

It is very important to remember that public shows are the gate-pass to private shows and if a member really likes you in the public chat room, he/she will try to lock you in for a private show.

How to be great while doing public webcam shows

  • Personality Your personality is very important while interacting with members during a public show. Always be chatty and smile as much as possible. Additionally, if a member requests something that you are not comfortable with, do not brush him off rudely; the best thing is to swiftly let it slide without being rude or snobbish. Be flirty and show the viewers that you are enjoying what you do as much as they enjoy watching you.
  • Proximity to the cam Always stay close to the cam while performing, so that viewers can see you clearly without having to struggle. If you have to perform far from the cam, make sure that it has a great zooming feature.

Also, make sure that your sound is audible because people want to hear everything during your performance.

  • HD webcam settings- make sure you use an HD webcam or video camera to stream your shows. People hate watching poor quality broadcasts and would rather look for a model that is streaming in HD. Considering how competitive the camming industry is, you better start streaming your content in HD or you will have zero guests on your public shows.
  • Make sure you have a high-speed internet connection- having a reliable internet connection ensures that people can enjoy your public broadcasts without interruptions. Viewers hate a broadcast that buffers after every few minutes because it limits the fun.
  • Do not appear to be bored- it sends a negative vibe to the viewer because it will appear as though you do not like your job. No one will be willing to spend tokens on a sulky performer.
  • Even though revealing everything in the public chat room is bad for business, being uptight is also not good. Do not appear in the public chat room all covered up; show a little bit of skin in order to entice the viewers.

While still on the topic of doing public webcam shows, it is important to remember that most webcam sites have strict rules against performing in public places such as libraries, workplaces, and outdoor environments. If you’re caught, you risk being suspended and your earnings withheld. However, this does not apply to all webcam sites.

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