nude versus non-nude webcam modelliing

Camming as a Celebrity Model

Famous Webcam Models and Celebrities in The Webcams Industry.

Social media has created a new wave of `celebrities` such that nowadays you can drop a twerk video and once it goes viral, you become an instant `celebrity’. Your followers will grow instantly and you may hit a million followers in about a week, your status will grow and soon people will be recognizing you in the grocery store.

Welcome to the 21st century where the making of stars does not require immense talent or years of hard work. Regardless of whether your rise to fame took years to build or was instantaneous, you need to find a way to capitalize on it, so that it earns you money.

By now you should know a few famous people who are still broke because they never learned how to monetize their fame and you definitely don’t want to fall into that category.

Webcam modeling is a great way to turn your fame into fortune, but only if you`re comfortable with displaying your body to the public. Once your numbers on social media grow, that`s already an untapped goldmine and you can easily make a lot of money by directing your followers in the right way.

For instance, you can register with a webcam modeling company and share a link on your social media accounts and you’ll be assured that at least 50% of your followers will support you. The best thing is that you won`t even have to remove your clothes to make money because there is a non-nude category. You can also sell nudes online if you wish to make extra cash

Some fans will just want to have a one-on-one conversation with you because the idea of having a private conversation with a celebrity is thrilling. You can charge them extra fees to trade photos and short videos on top of the minute rate you`re charging. You can even make a fortune when you sell nudes for money!

Moreover, you don’t even have to register with a webcam modeling company, you can do it all via Skype provided you have a third party company to process your payments. For instance, if you are a former Love &  Hip-hop star who is currently starving and people are still fascinated with your looks you should definitely give your fans the opportunity to link up with you live on cam and you`ll earn crazy money out of it.

Benefits of Being a Celebrity webcam Model

  • More Clients Unlike the normal webcam performers who have to spend numerous hours online waiting for clients, you`re lucky enough to have a large client base and you can even afford to be choosy. People will be lining up just have you live on cam and one thing`s for sure; you will never starve when it comes to clients.
  • Higher Rates Being a famous person, your fans already expect you to have a higher asking price which thus means that they already prepared mentally to spend more money on you, compared to what they are likely to spend on the average performer. You should thus choose a site that does not have a fixed per-minute rate so that you can have the liberty to choose your own rates.
  • Companies will give you free promo If you are a famous person and you happen to join a webcam site, they give you free publicity on their social media sites because they will be using your name to attract more people to their website. It thus becomes a win-win situation for both parties.
  • Less working hours You will only work when you have free time on your hands or when you receive an offer that is hard to turn down. As a matter of fact, most of the so-called celebrity webcam models only perform live on cam 1 or 2 times a week and they are still able to make good money.
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