how to hook up on tinder

How To Get Laid On Tinder

how to get laid on tinderGetting laid on Tinder is what has catapulted the website to its current popularity. Known as a hookup site, many have used it as a way to hook up with others just to get laid. Although it is promoted as a “dating” site, the primary purpose is to meet someone for hooking up.

For those that have never heard of Tinder, aka “The App For Hooking Up” it is basically a phone app that cycles through tons of profiles in which you can swipe away at approving the people you view for hookups. A left swipe for “no” and a right swipe for “yes”.

For some great ideas on how to get laid on Tinder, read on…

Is Tinder a Hookup App?

Tinder offers the ability for its users to upload profile pics from Facebook along with the ability to fill out a detailed bio page that covers information about the users dating likes and dislikes.

People use Tinder for different reasons, but after interviewing many in its demographic, the majority use it for hookups and casual flings. Both men and women like the casual way in which it works for getting their consensual sexual fixes without the stigma of going to bars or other hook up spots.

how to get laid on tinder

This makes Tinder the ideal answer on “How to get laid?”

In this “How-to” article we will examine:

  1. Getting People To Notice You On Tinder
  2. Asking and Getting Phone Numbers On Tinder
  3. Getting Laid Using Tinder

As we take a look at how to hook up on Tinder there are some important thing to remember.

For example:

  1. Girls and guys use Tinder for the same reason – To Hook Up. At any time there is someone of interest searching for the same thing you are; To get laid. Sure there are a number of people on the app who just wish to date, but this guide will help you eliminate those profiles so you don’t waste your time.
  2. Each potential girl or guy has many suitors messaging them for a potential “date”.  Equally, they are messaging others they find suitable for one night stands. It can be a numbers game, but Tinder excels at finding people who share similar interests.
  3. Tinder is regarded as a topical dating app so it is perfect for hookups because of its reputation.

Play Your Cards Right To Get Laid On Tinder

tinder hookup tipsAs a female, I have used Tinder many times to hookup. As a result, I can tell you what works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting laid on Tinder. I have a busy life and not interested in any long-term commitments. As a cam model, it is also hard to meet people I am interested in sexually. Tinder is perfect for this type of companionship.

After I signed up, I went on a few Tinder dates. I slept with two guys who played their cards perfectly and the other 3 I chose not to hook up with.  At least I got a nice meal and a movie out of them.

After several messages and tries, I can tell you what works for getting laid on Tinder. If you read through the rest of this article and play your cards right you could easily get laid tonight.

How Tinder Differs For Girls and Guys

Guys are visual. Most the time the effort they put in is swiping left and right based on looks only.

For the ladies, Tinder is all about avoiding pictures of penises, bad one-liners and ignoring douche bag jerks for the most part. Yes, we browse photos, but the second a dick is flashed on our screen, we run for the hills.

Guys, if you want to hook up with girls on Tinder AND get laid pay attention!

What is the key to hooking up with a female on Tinder you ask? Landing a date can be easy if you play by the rules of Tinder.

From your profile images to acting like a decent human being here are Tinder tips for hooking up, getting laid and how to start a conversation.

Your Tinder Photos

best tinder pictures for guysThe first thing to do is hone in in those great photos of yourself. This is your first impression. Not your tagline (Although avoid being a douche). Tinder is very visual. People are searching for attractiveness, so display and flaunt what your momma gave you. It takes about .5 of a second for someone to swipe.

Main Picture: This pic should be a nice picture showcasing your facial features. This should show your best side, be more interesting than a DMV photo and have a little bit of charisma. If you aren’t sure asking for a second opinion from somebody of the opposite sex. Remember this is your first impression so you want something that says, “I am not an ax murderer!”. Leave the Gwar T-shirt and MAGA hat for another day.

If you still aren’t sure about your selfies, don’t worry, check out this post, on “How to take a good selfie” (just leave your clothes on for Tinder).

Best Tinder Pictures For Guys

Secondary Picture:

Showcase yourself in a social setting with others. Use the group attractive principal of being with others who are attractive. This implies a subtle social signal that you are an attractive and fun-to-be-with type of person. I find myself looking at these images to get a sense of personality. I want to know, as do most women, you don’t live in your Mom’s basement and you have some social graces.

Other Profile Picture:

Add a picture that highlights your physique. Don’t be overly sexual in this Tinder image. It should be casual such as you sitting by the pool. This is not the place for a dick pic. Working in the yard or on a boat is also a decent example. Stay away from overt selfies that were made for the purpose of showing your pecks off, unless you have a perfect six-pack. We do love those.

Additional Images:

Add anything you feel would be an attractive picture. As long as you cover the bases above you should have a nice profile starting to appear. Swapping out these additional images as you are messaging with someone can add impact as they continually view your profile.

As a female Tinder user, about 75% of the time I only view profile pictures vs looking at the bio information. It is important to not be overtly sexual in your pictures. Your chiseled abs bore me and make me think you are a player only looking for conquests. Although this is the purpose of Tinder, you want to see more interesting than a superficial and arrogant slice of humanity. Have some substance underneath.

You also want to avoid uploading pictures of you with other ladies. 99% of the time I will assume you are in a relationship, regardless of who the person really is. No one wants to sleep with a cheater.

In short, your pictures should showcase you, be PG rated and hint at your maturity.

Tinder Bio For Getting Laid

The other 25% of the time I look at bios of potential fuck buddies. There is an art to a bio that makes my girl parts tingle in anticipation and will likely result in at least a date.

I, like most females, love to laugh. Make your bio witty and show off your personality in a friendly way. Keep things short and no need for your life story. Lastly, make it stand out. If you want to hook up on Tinder you need to shine better than the thousand other guys messaging me.

Your message should get the conversation started and give a little something into yourself.

Example: “Born on the 4th of July, but I hate fireworks. I find Irony is always lost on me, but I love a good Joke.”

Short and sweet and lends itself to talk about Birthdays, or humor and shows a bit of intelligence. Women love intelligence. Just saying.

Terrible Tinder Profile Bios

People I will never swipe right on.

  1. Zero Bio Information – Put in some effort guys? I mean if I hook up with you are you just going to lie there? This will kill any convo dead in its tracks.
  2.  Takes an hour just to read your bio. Tell me this later if it’s important. Chances are we won’t get that far anyway. If I wanted to read a book I would go to the library.
  3. Avoid describing yourself as a “nice” person. If you tell me you are not an ax killer, guess what? I will think you are an ax killer. Same goes for terms like I am not a player, or I am really cool. In turn, just be cool man. Don’t oversell yourself. Looks fishy.
  4. Don’t mention your mother. I hate when I see mentions of Mom. Screams Mommas boy. After we hook up are you going to cry?

Tinder Hookup Lines

Be original for God’s sake! I get so many shit intros it’s unbelievable, so believe me when I say ladies on Tinder are down to fuck (DTF) as much as guys but we have the power.

If you message me with boring and unoriginal lines you will get the anti-swipe. This is how 90% of the guys start a conversation and this is why I say bye to 90% of them.

  • Be nice
  • Be witty
  • Don’t perve out
  • Be patient
  • Come up with a clever icebreaker

You would be surprised at a bit of personality here goes a long way!

Tinder Lines That Might Actually Work

  • Are you a bank loan? Because you have my interest!
  • I just saw the best upsexy ever.
  • Does this mean we’re married now?
  • If you were a triangle you’d be acute one!

You get the idea…

Be cute and creative. It goes a long way! For bonus points may be a funny gif could do the trick. This has worked on me.

This was the gif that made for a good Tinder Hookup:


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