social media for cam whores

Social Media for Webcam Models

As competition in the camming industry becomes stiffer, models have to look for alternative ways to attract more clients because it is no longer viable to solely rely on the traffic provided by the camming site. The sites allocate more traffic to popular models that have the most number of followers and also had the highest weekly earnings.

These are the models you will find on the first few pages of the camming site and the rest have to fight for the clients who are willing to go past the 10th page. Models, therefore, have to go against the grain in order to create a buzz, gain more followers and increase their earnings.

Forget the fake ads which tell you that webcam modeling is easy and how you will start earning racks from the word go; the truth is that it is a cut-throat business and you have to work smart in order to succeed.

You’re never guaranteed that the more time you spend online the more money you earn. There are models that spend 10+ hours a day online and at the end of the day, they don’t have much to show for it. Then there are those who work for fewer hours, simply because their schedule is fully booked and they do not have a lot of time hustling on the public chat.

These are models that make good use of social media and are able to attract the right clientele.

How to use social media to attract more followers and earn more money

social media twitter for webcam models

Twitter is a great platform to keep interactive with people and ensure they have an easier link to your webcam chat room. Always alert your followers via twitter every time you’re about to get online. For instance a simple message like, “getting ready to go live on cam in 20 mins” would be great.

Posting erotic tweets is a great way to keep your followers thirsted and you can be sure that they will be willing to hit your chat room. You have to be very good with words and perfect the art of seduction because it will earn you more money.

Retweeting your loyal followers makes them feel special and after a few retweets, you can tell them to get live on cam if they want to have a cam-to-cam convo.

Another great way to seduce your followers and keep them thirsted is by posting photo teasers such as lingerie shots. This always reminds them what they’ve been missing since the last time they paid for a performance. Use a different outfit each time and try different camera angles. Additionally, try outfits with different colors each time you post; it may seem like a small thing but people react differently towards different colors.

Always ensure that you post as often as you can because some people may have missed some of your earlier tweets. After all, it’s all just a strategy. Using appropriate hashtags goes a long way in ensuring that your message is relayed in the right manner, and reaches the intended target audience.

social media vine for webcam models

One thing you’ll notice about Vine is that it goes hand-in-hand with other social media platforms such as F.B, Twitter and IG .Vine enables you to create small clips of yourself and is  a great way to post video teasers of you twerking or showing off your body in a sexy outfit.

Most people use Vine to make small funny videos but for webcam models, using the app to show off your body is the best way to attract clients. Post your Vines on all your social media platforms, because some people may be on one platform and not on others.

It is important to note that Vine has a policy against nudity so be very careful about the content you post or you risk your account getting suspended. Never post full nudies on Vine; the best thing is to post half nudies or lingerie video teasers. After all, the goal is to entice people get live on cam with you if they want to enjoy a full nude experience.

social media snapchat for webcam models

SnapChat allows webcam models to post short clips and nudies, and the best thing is that it has a self-destructing tool which ensures that everything you post disappears after a few seconds. Models have a special affinity towards SnapChat because it enables them to monetize. SnapChat has a payment feature known as SnapCash which ensures that models send nudies and get paid instantly. You only charge a small fee and you`ll have thousands of followers paying to see your stuff. Another great way to monetize on SnapChat is charging people monthly subscription fees and they get to enjoy full access to your account for a whole month.

SnapChat has a payment feature known as SnapCash which ensures that models send nudies and get paid instantly. You only charge a small fee and you’ll have thousands of followers paying to see your stuff. Another great way to monetize on SnapChat is charging people monthly subscription fees and they get to enjoy full access to your account for a whole month.

The SnapChat payment feature is a great way for models to enjoy full earning without a middleman because unlike the camming site, there is no one taking a cut from your earnings. Additionally, you also get paid instantly unlike the webcam site where you only get paid weekly. To ensure that you make more money via SnapChat, you have to go on a campaign to increase your followers and the best way to do this is by posting a link to your SnapChat account on your other social media accounts and also frequently reminding people to follow you, with your SnapChat Username on your Bio.

social media instagram for webcam models

Instagram is also known as the erotic models’ haven because this forms the biggest part of their business. This is where pornstars and high-end strippers announce their next shows and people are able to literary peep at their day-to-day lives; well not every part of their lives, but what complements their persona.

We now have IG models that make crazy amounts through advertising, since whatever content they post will be exposed to a huge audience. Some models promote new music artists by dancing to their latest single releases which is a win-win situation for both parties because the models earn good money and the singer gets a promo for their new song.

Webcam models who have a huge following on IG usually have their schedule fully booked because the erotic clips and photo teasers they post ensures that people are willing to pay crazy amounts to see them live on cam. The best thing about IG clients is that they are often willing to pay higher rates compared to the jokers who hang around the camming site public chat rooms.

Ensure that you post new photos on a regular basis, reminding people to link up with you live on cam. With time, you will no longer have to rely on the traffic provided by the webcam site because your status will grow and your IG account will be your main source of attracting clients.

Posting your affiliate link on your IG Bio ensures that you have an extra source of income because you earn a cut for every person who joins the webcam site through your link.

Social Media Tips for Webcam Models

  • Adopt every new social media platform that comes along, because people will ultimately get bored with the old ones once they stop being relevant. Social media is more like a fashion fad and what is popular today is likely to be replaced by something new and fresh in the near future. A good example is how Facebook is no longer a big deal as it used to be because it has been replaced by IG and SnapChat.
  • Social media makes you relevant and keeps your status evergreen
  • Create your social media personality based on your model persona. Thus, if you are a bad-girl on your camming site, this should be the image you portray on social media. If you use a girl-next-door persona on the camming site, it should be the same on your social media accounts. Your persona should be visible in your posts, videos and photos.
  • Connect with other webcam models and entertainers and support each other. Request such them to post photos of you along with your Username on their IG, because this is the easiest to gain more followers. The moment you alienate yourself it becomes harder to grow.

Performers who make good use of social media are the present and future of the camming industry. The moment you start feel too big or special to adopt new social media platforms, you fall off the band wagon.

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