streamate review for European models

Streamate Review

Streamate has been around for quite some time, but over the last five years, it has increased its numbers immensely and is now rated among the top camming sites. The website has a very friendly design and has an easy-to-use interface which therefore attracts more visitors, hence more opportunities for the models. The site has over 26,000 registered performers and anytime you login, you will find up to 500 models online. Streamate receives millions of visitors on a daily basis because of its free-to-use policy, and also because there are no unfriendly inhibitions to joining. The models thus enjoy lots of traffic, and the public chat room is always flooded with a diverse audience.

Streamate is home to both amateur and studio performers, but the bulk of its performing models work from home. It is much easier to work from home if you are performing solo or as a couple since you can easily do it from your living room or bedroom. As a matter of fact, it is cost effective.

However, models that perform as a group usually prefer working from studios.

Additionally, you will find that most of the studio-based models on the site are contracted by agencies which source out high paying clients for them and cater for their working expenses such as broadcasting equipment & performing gear but in return, the agency retains a percentage of out the models’ earnings.

The site’s popularity and huge traffic attracts a lot of models, which means that there is a lot of competitiveness. To become one of the top earners on Streamate you have to work very hard and differentiate your services in a market which is very homogeneous, in order to have an edge over other models.

Looks alone will not get you far on such a competitive camming site; you will need to combine your looks with personality, work ethic and work for at least 30 hours per week especially when you are new. Experienced models that have been at the site for years usually work fewer hours and earn more money because they have loyal clients with whom they have built a close working relationship through the years.

Unlike new models who have to spend long hours in the public chat room, experienced models match their schedule based on client bookings and most of them will only be online when they have a private session with a client.

The bulk of Streamate’s model base is Eastern Europe and Asia, but you will also find models from other parts of the world. Models are usually classified in various categories, based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, body type & shape, age and so on. This is usually done in order to make it easier for clients to filter out their model of choice. It also makes it easier to match the models with clients.

Streamate has a five-star rating system for the models, and clients are thus able to rate a model after a show based on the experience and how much the enjoyed it. The site also rates models weekly based on their earnings and popularity. The biggest advantage of being a top rated model is that the site will allocate you more traffic and your profile will be on the first pages. Popular models are usually on the homepage which comes with multiple benefits since your profile has more exposure. A lot of people follow the models that are on the homepage since they do not have the time or patience to browse the other pages.

The site offers free chat feeds on the public room, and live private shows. Free chatting on the public chat room allows models to woo customers to a private chat where you earn per minute, based on your per-minute rate. Unlike other popular sites such Bongacams and Chaturbate which are almost similar to Streamate, it differs a bit in its functionality. This is because the broadcasts on Streamate’s public chat rooms are more like teasers and you will not find completely nude models, unlike Bongacams and Chaturbate where models perform nude on the public rooms. Models usually get on their birthday suit once they are on a private live cam show.

How much do models earn?

Elite model on Streamate earn 6-figures annually, working 30hrs or even less per week. Average models earn $100 per day and those on the lower tier earn even less than that. Newbies generally earn a bit lower than everyone else especially on the first few days but if you are sexy, endowed with a good personality and have unique physical features you can start earning big bucks even on your first few working days. Models that record and sell videos of their performances are also able to increase their income.

Streamate has an affiliate program which allows models to share the site’s link on their website and social media accounts and earn up to $40 or a 30% revenue share for every client that signs up via their link.

Pros of joining Streamate

Get paid weekly Performers are paid every Friday for earnings exceeding $20

Set your own work schedule Once you are accepted as a performer, you are working as a freelancer and you, therefore, set your own working hours.

Set your own rates Models are usually required to set their per-minute rate, but the site does not dictate the amount that each model is supposed to set. Popular models and pornstars usually set very high rates and are still able to attract enough clients to fit their weekly schedule.

No one can see you naked unless on a private chat This is good for people who want to maintain their privacy. Because nudity is not allowed in the public chat room, clients have to pay for a private chat in order to see you completely naked, which is a good thing because it limits unfair competition from models that would be willing to show everything on the public chat. Models usually expose boobs and butts in order to woo clients, but don’t expose their whole body on the public chat. In a nutshell, the public feeds are often meant to act as teasers.

Geo-blocking The site has a geo-blocking tool which allows its members to block people from a particular geographical region from viewing their profile. This is a very important tool, mostly for people who do not want to expose that part of their life to friends or family. Models also block certain States, countries or even entire continents if they feel that viewers from those areas are weird jerks who seldom pay lucratively.


No personal coaching for performers the site does not provide personal coaching for its models, apart from a how-to manual. Models are therefore forced to learn while working or ask for help from other experienced models, which thus makes it difficult for newbies to settle down fast.

Competition The site’s competitive nature sometimes makes it hard for models to start earning decent money, especially those who are not willing to go an extra mile.

Streamate is a great place to score long-term clients who are willing to dig deep into their pockets just to enjoy your services. The site also has a feature which alerts your followers when you’re online, thus making it easy to get clients who want to pay for a private cam-to-cam session.

Any Questions?

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3 days ago

As a customer, I wouldn’t recommend this site, because the first thing they ask you for is documents for identity, statements and signatures, otherwise they block the account permanently, are you kidding me, there are tons of websitetes that wish to add a customer

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